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Why choose Wessex

When you choose to work with us, you are choosing to work with an organisation that delivers on its promises. We are dedicated to ensuring that each of our solar development projects is completed to the highest of standards in a way that is mutually beneficial to all stakeholders. 

Conscientious Solar Developers

We work hard to understand the needs of landowners, respecting the fact that solar must work around agricultural land and not the other way around. 

Strong Relationships

We have strong relationships with experienced contractors capable of delivering large projects with minimum fuss and maximum care for the solar sites we work on - with consideration for the livestock who may share the site too. 

Secure Financing

Our financing is secure and reliable. We have never failed to deliver funds for the construction of a consented site. We are described by the funding organisations we have worked with as one of the most credible solar developers they have come across. 

An Expert Team

Our experienced in-house team has years of experience producing planning applications for power projects, ensuring the fastest possible delivery of a robust planning application to maximise success for all. Where it is not possible to use our own in-house team, we only use the best available and most experienced advisers (lawyers, surveyors and electrical specialists) enabling us to finish the job to the highest possible specification. 

More specific information for landowners can be found here

For a full breakdown of our team’s involvement with power projects, please click here



Project Funding


We have brought forward and financed the construction of one of the largest portfolios of ground mounted solar farms in the UK. As such, the organisation is well funded. This provides the assurance that when we start the development of a solar project, it will be completed. We have shown this time and time again.

Wessex has multiple sources of construction equity which ensures security of available capital. They are chosen for a particular project based on a number of suitability criteria. The construction equity funding on Wessex’s first 3 projects took only 5 weeks from first selection of the ultimate funder to receipt of funds. We believe this is amongst the quickest the industry has achieved.

If you are a landowner, a land agent or an investor who would like to invest in a solar fund then please get in touch.


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